Template Freebie

After an almost four month break I am back. I needed this break because I lost my motivation to design or to scrap, which I have never experienced before and the strangest thing was that I had lot’s of inspiration, I just couldn’t get things done.

Now, it’s time to start again and to release a brand new collection. I started working on this collection just before my break and I finished this collection in the early weeks of my break, it took a while before it was completely finished.

You will see all about the collection on Sunday afternoon, but first it’s freebie time! You can download this free template by clicking on the preview.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for sticking with me during my absence.

2 thoughts on “Template Freebie

  1. You have been missed but so glad that you took time out for yourself. Thank you for the beautiful template and looking forward to seeing your new creations. Take care x

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