Born To Be Wild

I think we have all been to a zoo at least once in our life, or maybe you have been on an African safari. I can tell you that I was impressed by the majestic wild animals such as Elephants, Rhino’s, Lions, Tigers and Giraffe’s.

This collection is all about wild animals. You can now create your zoo or safari inspired layouts. This collection is on sale with 30% off until May 21.

When you purchase the collection you will get the Memory Game Cards for free. This pack contains separate animal cards and collage sheets to easily print the cards. With the cards you can play the memory game in two different ways, there are two cards for each animal, but with different images.

Print the collage sheets two times on heavy paper, cut out the cards and play memory the classic way by searching for two identical images or print the collage sheets one time on heavy paper, cut out the cards and play memory by searching for the same animal, but two different images.

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In Naam Van Oranje

In The Netherlands each year we celebrate “King’s Day” on April 27. It is our King’s birthday and it’s a national holiday. Most people are dressed in Orange, our national color, and go outdoors to flee markets, festivals or other activities that are being organized to celebrate.

Because our national color is Orange I wanted to do an Orange scrapkit, but because only Orange was a bit boring I added some greenery and some Light Blue to make it look a bit more sunnery. The lion is in our national coat of arms, so had to be part of the scrapkit.

This collection is on sale with 30% off until May 7.

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Scent Of Spring

There are two things I love about early Spring. One is the color of new leaves on trees and plants, the green color is so fresh and bright. I also love the smell of fresh mowed grass, especially when the weather is a bit dewy.

I tried to catch these two feelings into one collection. The collection is on sale with 50% off until April 23.

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10 Year Anniversary Hunt

As I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary as Digital Scrapbook Designer I thought having a sale on all my products and some Mega Deals just wasn’t good enough. I also want to give something away.

So, I am giving away 10 x $10.00 coupons to spend in my store at Gingerscraps to those of you who can hunt the ten 10 Year Anniversary celebration images that I have hided on this entire website.

All 10 images are stand alone images, the image for my 10 year anniversary sale does not count, but the 10 images that I have hided look a bit simular, all with “10” on it, below I am showing you the sneak peeks.

Tell me exactly where you have found the 10 images. I will select 10 winners out of everyone who have the 10 hiding places right.

Find the 10 images before April 23 and sent the places where you have found them by email to: with “10 year anniversary hunt” in the subject. I will contact the 10 winners before April 27.

Top 10 Scrapkits for $10.00

Because I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a Digital Scrapbook Designer I have asked my CT ladies to come up with their TOP 10 of scrapkits that they liked most to work with. Out of their TOP 10’s I have made this TOP 10 of best scrapkits for you.

You can purchase this TOP 10 with 10 Mega Kits for only $10.00.

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