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It’s Christmas All Over Again

Yep, It’s Christmas All Over Again! Ah well soon it is.

It is incredible how fast this year has flown by. Anyway, this fun Christmas mini collection has a bit of a vintage touch and fun characters. You can create artsy layouts, but also more traditional ones with it.

This Mini Collection is on sale with 30% off until December 10.

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Photobook Creator Thread Frames Vol 1 – 5

If you like to create your own digital photobooks you might like to use some special frames as a highlight to your photo. These Thread Frames are perfect for that. Use them as you like. You can easily recolor them to let them fit perfectly into your photobook.

These new set with Thread Frames are on sale with 30% off until November 26.

Photobook Creator Single Pages Vol 1 – 3

As an addition to the Double Page Templates now also Single Page Templates are available in my store at Gingerscraps.

You can combine two single pages to create your own double page, use them in the beginning or at the end of your digital photobook (where there is mostly a blank single page), you can to use them as you like and customize them to your own needs.

These Singe Page Template Packs are also on sale with 30% off until November 26.

Photobook Creator Vol 26 – 31

A lot of new Photobook Creator product are added to my store at Gingerscraps and these Double Page Template Packs are part of it.

Vol 26 and 27 are more romantic with the frames on one side of the pages. Vol 28 – 31 are perfect to combine while Vol 28 en 29 have space to put a text with you photo’s.

All these new pack are on sale with 30% off until November 26.

A Wise Old Owl

“A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that bird?”

– Edward Hersey Richards –

    This new collection by is on sale with 30% off until November 12.

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    Face In The Photograph

    I can hardly believe that it is October already, partly because the weather is still so nice here, you can still go outside without a jacket on, but also because this year is flying by so fast.

    Normally I get inspired by colors for my designs, but this time it was the title that inspired me and when I found the right elements everything just came together easily. I must say that I love the mix of vintage, darkness and a bit of Halloween.

    This collection is on sale with 30% off until October 22.

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