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Photobook Creater Cover 19 – 24

I have some brand new Photobook Creater Cover Templates for you in my stores. Each pack contains a front and back cover template which can be moderated to your own needs.

Create the cover in you scrapbooking program, save it as a JPEG file and drag it into your photobook program and you have a fabulous photobook cover.

Each pack contains PSD, PNG and TIFF files. All covers are on sale with 60% off until September 30.

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Photobook Creater Cover 13 – 18

In a time when most people are stuck in their homes we maybe have extra time to finish the things we usually did not find the time for, like starting or finishing those digital photobooks. Maybe these new Photobook Creater Cover Templates can be a help.

Each pack contains a front and back photobook cover in PSD, TIFF and PNG files. These and all other Photobook Creater Covers and Page Templates are on sale with 50% off.

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Photobook Creater Cover 7 – 12

If you liked the first set of Photobook Creater Cover templates, then here is a brand new set of six covers.

Each pack contains a front and a back cover that you can completely modify to your own needs.

You can easily make you cover in your scrapbooking software. Save it as a full size JPEG file and insert it into your photobook software.

Each pack contains PSD, TIFF and PNG files and is on sale with 25% off until February 23.

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Photobook Creater Cover 1 – 6

If you like making photobooks with all your precious memories then you might also want to create a unique photobook cover.

You can easily use these templates to create your own special cover. You can completely modify the templates to your own needs. The front and the back cover are separate templates. Once you are finished creating your covers, simply add them to your square sized photobook.

This pack contains a front cover and matching back cover and PNG, PSD and TIFF files.

All Photobook Creater Double Page Templates and Covers are now on sale with 25% off.

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